Sunday, July 03, 2016

Change will always come, continue to be a work in progress.

The best way to distract your bum life is when you get an invite from PICPA Cebu's VP for Membership, Sir Domingo Dennis A. Mendoza, to share your journey and provide insights to neophytes in the CPA profession. This was very flattering to say the least, especially when for this batch, Cebu is able to produce 10 topnotchers (6 from the University of San Carlos, 4 from the University of San Jose-Recoletos, my alma mater).
I initially had second thoughts accepting the opportunity because normally the ones who represent the Public Practice are those who made Partner in top accounting firms in the country. But then I said to myself since Digong's "Change is Coming" is the buzzword these days, maybe it's time to provide them a different perspective in the public practice. After all, Consulting is a public practice.
Enterprise Applications Consulting is one path where accountants can do very well. You just have to keep abreast with the latest trends in relevant technologies for business. Once you are at it, you have to expand your horizon to cater not just the Philippines. At the very least, be ready to conquer Southeast Asia, because to say it bluntly, it is where the money is.
Speaking in front of the cream of the crop was nerve-wracking. After all the blah blahs about the consulting practice, below are excerpts on my advice to the neophytes as they embark in their respective careers, regardless of the path they take:
1. Know your character in the Game of Thrones. Politics is everywhere. You must know how to deal with it. Are you a John Snow or a Khaleesi?
2. Never burn bridges. The Accountancy profession is a small world. Reputation and connection is key to success.
3. Think out of the box. Defy the norms. Unconventional ideas could be the best solution to resolve a problem, personal or at work. 
4. Induce creativity when you can. An accountant’s job can be very structured and can become boring. Find outlets for your creativity to flow.
5. Growth is not always about position or money. The more knowledge you acquire, the more secure you are with your future. 
6. Take risks. You only live once. Accept challenges beyond your comfort zone.
7. Fall in love. Inspire and be inspired. If things don’t work out, learn the art of “hugot” and then move on. Don’t get slaved by it.
8. Explore. Travel. Take a break. If you can afford it, take a very loooonggg break. Explore and learn different cultures. 
9. Dive. There is no politics underwater. 
10. Be your own CPA. Live within your means. Do not max out your credit card. Ensure your personal cash flow is liquid. Invest.
Change will always come. Continue to be a work in progress. It will make you relevant at all times.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

obsolete professions? passe practices?

If you can manage financial wealth through the internet, if you can shop cashless in the malls, if you can buy a stick of Marlboro from manang and use your cellphone to pay her through G-cash, then why fake 10-peso coins and get caught? Or why aspire to become a bank employee for life? read more...

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

at the microsoft's amazing quest

mga bai, click on this link to view my latest TM blog.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

spontaneous spontaneity

I never thought I could hurdle through my TM subjects this semester with unparalleled spontaneity – at least in completing the course requirements. Or maybe I am just too lucky.

Believe it or not, towards the midterms and until last week, I nearly gave up. The deadlines were set and I haven’t started a page in my final presentation and term paper for two subjects.

30 units over 36 and you’ll just give it up?

You’ve lost enough in your battles, please don’t make this one among them. Not again.

Don’t be a slave to Murphy’s Law.

Cry if you must. Be reclusive if you must. Grieve if you must. These are normal, in fact, mandatory reactions to life’s challenges. A friend taught me this, unconsciously.

With these thoughts and inspiration in mind, coupled with spontaneity and creativity--

I made it through the popular Knowledge Management elective - presented a proposed methodology at how to keep corporate knowledge intact despite employee loss - yeps, posible na mga bai.

I also made it through the dreaded part 1 of the Technology Management Project Seminar by converting the above KM methodology as a project proposal for part 2. - nakalusot jud intawn!

Life indeed is fair. Now I’m 2 more subjects short and a comprehensive examinations away.

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